Kora “twitch” Moonsclaw

Halfling/ Werewolf Barbarian.


Kora grew up in a small village of Northcrest, an icy village in the Forgotten mountains of the north. She is the daughter to the local Smithy and a happy but erratic little girl with many friends. She is a hyper and erratic child, with a small attention span, unable to focus on a particular task for any amount of time. She is friendly, fun and above all loyal. Northcrest is quaint, small and cheerful… consisting of mostly farmers and small local businesses.
But at night everything changes. No one goes beyond the wall after sun down. There are many terrible stories of what haunts the woods at night, those who venture out do not return. When a full moon rises howling can be heard from the woods, echoing through the empty streets. Everyone locks up their houses and paints a red X on their doors in goats blood to ward off the evil spirit. As soon as Kora was old enough she joined the local militia, a small force of locals who have sworn to protect Northcrest and its people. They would keep watch on the wall at night and help people clear the streets and paint their doors on a full moon. Koras father had made some special silver coated arrows and swords to help fend off the evil. Kora fell in love with the Inn keepers son, Everad. Their love was quick, soon the two were inseparable. They would keep each other company on the wall when on guard at night. One night, in deep winter extra preparations were made to keep the village safe. This was no ordinary full moon, this was the night of the blood moon. Wooden stakes were erected around the village walls with additional torches to allow the guards to see more. Doors and windows were nailed shut and all entry points marked with the red X. Kora was stationed at the entrance gate to the wall. This evening Kora and Everad were on the wall together, huddled closely because of the cold. At sunset he took out a ring and proposed. Kora was overjoyed and said yes immediately, she was overjoyed. The ring had been his grandmothers, she had always said that it was special.
As soon as the sun disappeared on the horizon silence and darkness fell on Northcrest. It was an unnatural silence, one could hear their own heart beating, the sound of breathing was deafening. Great plumes of vapour escaped from the guards mouths as they breathed as it was so cold. Then a deafening howl, erupted from the woods. And again closer and closer. There it was, the Wolf Man! It was moving so fast, towards the wall. Arrow after arrow seemed to have no effect on the creature the Wolf Man was so close to the gate, Kora could easily get to it and bury her blade into its back. Her father had coated it in silver. She climbed down the wall and was behind it, all she had to do now is kill it. She raised her sword just as the creature turned, and she stopped. Fear had paralyzed her, in that split moment the Wolf Man closed its jaws around her hips and dragged her into the forest. Deep guttural screams and howling were heard from the woods all night until they slowly died away. No one taken by the best had ever returned or been seen again. Just before down a small figure was seen dragging itself to the gate. Kora has survived, the guards rejoiced and raced to open the gate for her. Everad had been mourning all night pulled the gate open though he did not expect to see what he did being the gate. It was a monster, part Kora, part beast. Covered in fur with talons and black eyes. He knew what he had to do, he grabbed his sword before Kora could explain and lashed out at her, barely missing her. The guards were grabbing their weapons. She realised that her friends and family were trying to kill her. As the sun was rising, she began to look more and more like Kora again, but no one would pause. She had to run, she turned and ran back into the forest, several arrows piercing her. From that day Kora wandered the world in a bid to control her transformation. The only way that she would ever be able to go back to Northcrest and be with Everad would be to control this. The transformation would occur on full moons and when extremely emotional. The days after transforming are the hardest, the process takes its toll on the body. She is weak for the first few days after transforming and needs lots of food and rest to recover.
She has big scars from the wolf man that will never completely heal other scars from the solver arrows that pierced her skin. For a year she wandered alone through ice and show. Every place was afraid of her and no one would allow her shelter or companionship. Her reputation of Wolf Child proceeded her everywhere she went. The sweet energetic girl grew hard and grim she became and out cast from society. Several months after having been bitten she was hiding in a stable for shelter, she would sleep here for the night. She woke in the middle of the night to sounds of footsteps in the stable. She peered through the wooden bars and saw four raiders. One was clearly the leader he was holding a massive axe. She was very frightened, afraid that her heavy breathing would give her away. It didn’t take long for the the raiders to discovered her! They took her into the woods and tied her up. They were discussing what to do with her. The leader walked towards her “So quiet. Should we see how loudly she squeals? ” he said lifting his axe. She could feel the adrenaline seeping into her bones, she wished at this point to have the strength and power of the Wolf Child. All of a sudden everything went blank. When she came to, there were several bodies around her scratched up and bloody, her hands grasping a majestic great axe. It was beautiful with strange markings on it. This was the first time that she had ever transformed without it being a full moon. The whole transformation only lasted 15 minutes or so.
One full moon Kora was in a werewolf state and bounded through a wayside tavern window, tearing through anything and everything in her way. This night it was the coach men. In her fit she almost didn’t see the giant man in the corner, having taken care of the coach men she readied to leap at this giant as he was reaching for his axe, briefly pausing as she caught a glimpse of something in his armor. All of a sudden the little beast was Kora again, seeing herself for the first time as the monster she is and the monster seeing the little girl that was inside. The moment passed as quickly as it has arrived and she leapt at the giant man, who instead of attacking her with the axe, dropped it and used his strength to restrain her, wrestling her out to the stable.
The giant man had a wolf that seemed to distract Kora, she stopped struggling and howled with the wolf for a while until it stopped and whimpered. Kora growled, something was coming. A large Ogre came at them from the shadows, Kora was beginning to Rage. Without thinking the giant man picked Kora up and threw her, great axe and all, right at the Ogre. He spoke some words which seemed to have an odd effect on Kora, the wounds she was taking didn’t seem to effect her so much. After an epic battle they defeated the Ogre. The rest of the night wolf child spent feeding on Ogre flesh and howling with the wold. In the morning she woke again human form. She woke very weak, shivering, hardly able to move from the arduous transformation she had experienced the night before. Kora woke terrified. There was a giant man watching her a big axe near him. She pulls herself into a corner afraid that he will try and kill her, that is usually what people do when they see her. Instead he talked to her. He explained that his name was Olaf and talked of what had happened the night before. He talked for a long time (knowing that it would calm her eventually) explaining who he was and so forth. Soon Kora came out of her hiding place and sat with him while he talked she spoke no words at all. He talked of his search and quest for another while and then got up to leave. Kora followed him, which he found amusing. For the next few days he would talk and she would listen as they walked. It was a long time before Kora spoke a week or so had passed and then she began to talk. Just a word here and there at first and eventually she grew back into the Kora that she was before the Wolf man attack. Olaf finally got to know Koras story. She because energetic and chatty again. He even gave her a new name. Twitch.
Olaf helped her disguise her scars, she could now go into public places and people wouldn’t shoo her out or be afraid of her anymore. He was strong enough to be able to restrain her on full moons. It took more practice for him to avoid emotional out burst that would result in a transformation, but after some time he know how to calm her and what to do when she transformed so that as little amount of people as possible got hurt. Sometimes he would even put a collar and chain on her when he knew an outburst was likely. He was even beginning to work out how these transformations or outbursts could help in battle situations. They were now companions.


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