Vigo Falsebridge

Gnome Mage – Illusionist.


Vigo was born as Vigo Butterfly in a village in the Deep Forest in south. The village, Silveroak was established by forest gonomes 100s years ago. As the close relationship between forest gnomes and nature, all wild animals in the Deep Forest protected the village, so the village was a peaceful but busy society that also cured animals and cared the nature. Vigo was a single child in the Butterfly family, so he spent most of his time to play with other kids. As years have been gone and he started growing up, he showed a grate skill in learning, however any physical exercise were not his strength. But he was happy with his books and started to learn different languages really early.

One day gnome scouts spotted goblins grouping in the Deep Forest. Goblins did not care the value of the nature and started hunting animals for fun, and chopped forest with no reasons. The hart of the Deep Forest was infected by the creatures of evil. Gnomes did not want to leave their home so they doubled the scouts and patrols in the forest to be able to track Goblins activity. Few weeks later the Goblin horde founded the Gnoms’ village and started to attack. Gnomes were prepared and were able to cope with the situation, but also bears, wolfs, and another forest animal supported the Gnomes to protect the forest. In the this battle happened that one time when Goblins broke into the village and Vigo’s mom Wera Butterfly tried to escape with Vigo from the village one of the Goblin hit Wera who collapsed and buried Vigo under her self. She lost consciousness, and the Goblin believed she was died. Few hours later when the battle finished her husband Moro Butterfly founded her on the ground and Vigo was holding her hand. When Wera became consciousness again, she lost her memory and did not recognised her family. This changed everything in Vigo’s life.

He left his village and went into the closest human city, into Glasshedge. He jointed to the library and started to studying about humanoid brain to find out what happened with his mom and how to cure. During his self studies in the library he met his future master, Nysyl Rayesh. Nysyl saw the grate attitude in Vigo’s eyes so he offered him to join to the Titans’s wizard tower as an apprentice. Vigo spent the next 6 years in the wizard tower and spent all his time to learn about basic magical knowledge than he spent more time to studying how the humanoid mind works. Du to this knowledge he founded more easier to create magical effects that effects on brain, rather than learning how to use magical power to summon, destroy or invocate. After six years he really missed his family so he went back to Silveroak.

On his return to Silveroak he tried all of his knowledge to cure his mom but he had no luck. Also he was learned that a Troll showed up in the Deep Forest and changed the balance of nature. In the possession of his new magical power he decided to kill the Troll and organised a group of well trained group to find the Troll and kill. The group was patrolled for a good few days till they found the cave of the Troll. The Troll actually badly built a hut from trees, this made the forest Gnomes more angry. The battle was not as easy as they thought, as the Troll regenerated so quickly, so they had to escape. However the Troll was so annoyed and followed the small Gnomes group. Gnomes had not to many chance to run faster than the Troll. Vigo saw how difficult was there situation, but came up with an idea and told to the group to run to the direction of the rift that crossed the Deep Forest. The rift was approximately 70-80 foot deep and 15-20 foot wide and where the rift was not that wide Gnomes placed tree-trunks as a little bridge to be able to cross the rift. So Vigo directed the little group into the closest “bridge”. When they reached and crossed Vigo used his ability to able to trick brains. He created a massive stone bridge’s illusion on the single tree-trunk, so when the Troll reached the rift without thinking run onto the “stone bridge”, however there was only a tree-trunk, that has noisily broke to parts under the weight’s of the huge Troll, and the trolled felled into the deep. The Gnomes took the advantage and climbed down and set fire on the Troll. On the way back to the village everybody was impressed how they tricked the Troll. When they reached the village the group told about Vigo’s illusion bridge, where others mentioned the illusion bridge as a “false bridge” that the dummy Troll tried to pass. The story has been told many times in the next few weeks and Vigo got a nickname “Falsebridge”. Unfortunately this incident still did not helped to cure his mum so he decided to leave Silveroak again and continue his studies till he can cure his mom Wera….


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